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Medical Payments

Pilot Program


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  • Sale

  • Repeat Sale (Tokenization

  • Authorization

  • Force

  • Return

  • Void

  • Check Processing

  • Scheduled Payments

  • Invoicing

  • HIPPA Compliance

  • Interchange Optimization

  • Increased Debit Conversion

  • Real-Time Discounting

  • Chargeback Mitigation

  • Streamlined End Of Day Reporting

  • Electronic Signature Capture

  • Electronic Storage and Retrieval

  • 24/7 Software Support

  • P2P Validated Encryption


Our payments software also allows your patients/customers to have the option and ability to donate to the Altus Foundation.


Additionally, any donations that are facilitated by your location from your patients/customers are able to be written off as tax write off's for your business.


Standard Pricing

Pilot Pricing

Ingenico ISC250 w/ P2P Encryption                   $800                        $300 OR $25 per Month

Gateway Monthly Fee                                          $25                         Free for Life of Account

Basis Points. Charged on Dollar Volume           0.10%                      Free for Life of Account

Transaction Fee                                                   $0.10                        Free for Life of Account 


                                   *Credit Card Pricing Still Applies                       

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