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Welcome to our Vx520 Installation Guide!
PLEASE NOTE: The last thing that should be plugged in is always the power, equipment damage could result from plugging in other connections while the terminal is powered.
For additional assistance please call: 1(855)754-8372 ext 2
Step 1:

Ensure that all equipment is present.

  1. Vx520 Terminal

  2. Power Cord

  3. Power Brick

  4. Terminal Cover

  5. Ethernet Cable

  6. Phone Cable

Step 2:
Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the terminal. (If the terminal will be operating on Dial-Up only, skip steps two and three)
Step 3:
Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your router.
Step 4:
Plug a live phone line into your terminal.
Step 5:

Plug the power cable into the power brick.

Step 6:
Plug power brick into terminal.
Step 7:
Plug power cord into outlet
Step 8:
Place terminal cover on the bottom of the terminal. Pay careful attention to route the cables out of the back of the terminal.
Step 9:
Your terminal is now powered and connected. Wait for it to boot up. When it is finished you should see this screen:
Step 10:
Your terminal is now ready to use. Please see our reference guide here: Vx520 Reference Guide, for instructions on how to operate your new terminal!
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