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iPayment PCI Compliance

For Merchant IDs beginning in 4223:
Please navigate to
For additional assistance please call: 1(877)277-0998
Step 1:
Log in using your Merchant ID as your username, and your zip code plus the two letter abbreviation of your state (In Caps) as your password. i.e. 73112OK
Step 2:
You must now choose a new password. If you wish to change the name, e-mail, or validation question, you may do so from this screen. 
Step 3:
At the welcome screen, select "Get Started" to begin the PCI Compliance checklist.
Step 4:
At the "Questionnaire Selection Wizard", choose "No", and press "Continue"
Step 5:

You must now select the questionnaire for your business.

  1. For online stores, select A. 

  2. For stores with one or more credit card terminals and no POS system, select B. 

  3. For stores with a POS system, or a POS system and one or more terminals, select "C" 

Step 6:
At the "Questionnaire Selection Wizard", choose "No", and press "Continue"
Step 7:
After selecting your equipment, click add, and when the correct equipment shows up in the "My Hardware" list. click continue.
Step 8:
You must now certify that you have chosen the correct questionnaire. Click "I agree", and press "continue". 
Step 9:
The questionnaire consists of 5-13 sections. Please fill out every section. All answers must be "Yes" to achieve PCI compliance. You may also have to complete a network scan at the end of the questionnaire.
Step 10:
You must digitally sign the questionnaire after having filled it out. After finishing all sections of the questionnaire, scroll down and fill out the E-signature form. Then press "SUBMIT.
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