To access your portal:
Please navigate to
For additional assistance please call: 1(855)754-8372 ext. 3
Step 1:
Log in using your Merchant ID as your username, and your federal Tax ID number as your password.
Step 2:
You must now choose a new password. If you wish to change the name, e-mail, or validation question, you may do so from this screen. 
Step 3:

From Here you can:

  1. View Transaction History (Including Batches and Authorizations)

  2. View your Returns.

  3. View any Retrievals or Chargebacks

  4. View Deposits

  5. View Statements

  6. Check Messages

  7. Review Documents

  8. Change your user preferences or profile (E-mail Address, Phone number, ETC)

  9. Take the PCI Compliance SAQ (Full PCI compliance guide found at 

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